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At More Driving, we have many questions that are asked of us on a regular basis and here are a few of the most commonly asked questions:

What approach do you take to solve problems with drivers and service in both short and long term?

Our approach is consultative and collaborative. With both candidates and clients we aim to set short term goals that will either provide immediate gains, or are working toward a longer term goal.

Our approach to service based problems is to attempt to find the root of the problem. Our aim is to achieve this through consultative meetings and (if necessary) embedding ourselves into the client’s operation; often shadowing client operational staff and our own employees.

We believe that our KPI’s must be properly aligned to the requirements of both our client and in some cases the end client (our client’s client). These KPI’s should constantly evolve and change with the needs of the clients and the current business environment. By achieving this level of fluidity we can quickly solve problems by shifting the emphasis of the KPI’s and highlighting any issues from either party. The short term goal being to create awareness and solve the immediate problem, and the medium to long term goal, to ensure it is sustainable and to continually improve.

Overall our long term goal as a service provider is to develop an open and trusted relationship with all of our clients; we have found that this collaborative approach and open knowledge sharing has improved our overall ability to solve problems, identify opportunities and continually innovate for joint success.

A key element in our customer service strategy is our use of our ‘Lead Drivers’, who are a permanent and integral part of our branch team and whom we use to assess client requirements, understand the work and resolve issues as they arise.


Do you provide regular management information to clients in terms of key performance indicators.

Yes, we have several KPI suites that we provide to our clients. As many of our clients have different needs, our approach is to understand the business of our clients first and ensure that we tailor the KPI’s to their specific requirements. Not only does this ensure the criteria are aligned to our clients business objectives, it also helps us gain a more detailed insight into our clients’ business.

Do you provide any driver training?

Yes, drivers CPC training, but this is sub-contracted to an external provider.

  • If so what are the qualifications of the people who carry out the training?

The course is officially accredited by Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents as well as being JAUPT approved. The company we use are a registered training provider and their tutors are all professionally qualified to various degrees.

  • Does the training include driver hours and tachograph laws; fuel efficiency and customer service?

Yes, all of these are available modules on the CPC course, with drivers’ hours, WTR and tachograph laws being the first module taught.

What is your driver selection and interview process?

Our driver selection process starts with a CV, or telephone application to a virtual or physical advert. The most relevant candidates are selected by qualification and experience. All are telephone interviewed to check suitability, and validate qualifications and experience. Successful candidates are then interviewed face-to-face. This interview includes a Proof of Right to work check, a DVLA licence check, written assessments (tacho, drivers hours, WTR, class one, health and safety, eyesight and Highway Code), application form, medical information, policy sign off (mobile phone, sat nav, alcohol, drugs & smoking) as well as 3 years reference checking. There is also a driver briefing which forms the basis of a behavioural interview and client specific sign off

  • Does it contain knowledge, personality, language and attitude tests?

Yes, knowledge and language are assessed by a combination of written tests and face-to-face behavioural interview. The personality and attitude is assessed through the behavioural interview, which includes situational based questioning and 3 years’ reference checking. 

  • Do you meet all drivers face to face?

Yes, all of our drivers must be interviewed face-to-face prior to use.

How do you ensure your drivers are of the right quality?

In terms of skill level, integrity, reliability, punctuality, appearance, experience & knowledge, flexibility and attitude?

The answers to these questions are covered in the application and driver briefing and verified by behavioural and situational interviewing, followed by reference checks which focus on these areas. In addition we often assess our drivers with one of our branch ‘lead drivers’ prior to use to check practical ability.

How do you ensure your drivers comply with relevant legislation.

In particular the drivers' hours and tachograph rules whilst meeting our requirements?

In a day to day, weekly and monthly basis we work with our clients and drivers to make sure that all of our drivers are getting the right rest periods. All drivers sign on joining us to agree that they will submit all hours worked with us or other employers on a daily/weekly basis. In addition to this, working time and drivers hours are recorded and checked on a weekly basis retrospectively. All tachograph infringements are reviewed with the driver face-to-face and measured, our policy on this is to align our policy with that of our customers’ policies to ensure consistency.

How do you utilise IT to manage candidate availability and compliance?

More Driving currently uses a bespoke, web-based recruitment IT management system which is a full service online consultancy and solutions provider to the recruitment industry. The system is a powerful and flexible multi-user tool designed specifically for use by recruitment consultancies. As the system is web-based, it allows us excellent accessibility and scope for flexible working, plus off-site working.

Our system manages and maintains our compliance in a wide variety of areas from driver licensing to AWR. The system records the entire temporary, contract and permanent placement cycle from client, candidate and vacancy details, through to on-line ordering (client portals), searching, matching and generating letters and e-mails, submissions, placements and follow up requirements.

The system also gives us the ability to generate bespoke reports and analysis, and this is a feature that is used widely both within our business and externally for our clients.

Our vacancy control system holds the essential details of any type of vacancy, together with accounting information, short lists, and all contacts and meetings.  The vacancy control documentation can be readily duplicated to allow for the rapid handling of multiple vacancies and vacancies that are filled on a regular basis.

Confidentiality of data is of paramount importance at More Driving and our IT system makes full use of the operating system’s security features, including different security levels for users, and password protection.